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This test is suitable for:


1. Pre-Departure Tests 

  • Opt to receive a travel memo with Notarised results for your travel needs


2. Pre-Event Tests

  • Results valid for 24 hours


  • This service is valid for pre-event and pre-departure for Singapore Residents, Permanent Residents and Work Pass Holders situated in the United States, Australia, the member states of the European Union, India and the Middle East for the purpose of meeting the pre-departure testing requirements for entry or transit through Singapore (Updated as of 19 March 2022).

  • This service only includes a video call for a Supervised Antigen Rapid Test. You are required to prepare your own HSA-approved Antigen Rapid Test kits

  • Please ensure that your destination country accepts virtually Supervised Antigen Rapid Test results and that your testing window is within the pre-departure testing requirements

  • The notarised travel certificate will be sent to your registered email address

  • No refunds are allowed after booking the Supervised Antigen Rapid Test

  • Cancellation must be made 3 hours before your Supervised Antigen Rapid Test appointment

What you need to know about the Supervised ART service:

  • Supervised ART services are available Monday to Sunday, 8AM - 11PM 

  • Cost of Supervised ART Service: 8AM - 8PM ($25 Nett), 8PM - 11PM ($30 Nett)

  • You are required to prepare your own HSA-approved Antigen Rapid Test kits for the test.

  • Results will be ready within 2 hours and sent to you via email.


  • Please note that there will be two very important forms that you will need to fill up before your virtual ART session. - This will be contained in the first confirmation email once payment has been confirmed. Please fill them up immediately to ensure that your session proceeds smoothly. Failure to do so will result in pushing your appointment to the next session. 

    • The Clinic Registration Form

    • The Notarization submission form ​

How our Remote Supervised ART Service works:

1. Book an appointment

  • Book your Supervised ART appointment via the QR code or click here.

remote supervise art sign up link
Choose your service.png

Choose either service according to your availability

Choose Time Zone.png

Select your respective time zone

(According to the country you are currently located)

Choose Appointment time & date.png

Choose your prefered date & time of appointment 

  • choose your date 

  • select your preferred time

  • click continue 

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registration part 1.png

Fill in your respective details Accurately

  • Name 

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

We have also provided some optional sections that can be submitted during registration if you have them on hand.

  • ART Kit Brand

  • ART Kit Lot/Batch Number (e.g. 5972A82T1)

  • ART Kit Expiry Date (e.g. 2023-09-28)

  • Picture of ART kit 

  • Picture of Photo Identification (NRIC/Passport/Identity Card)



example of lot number and expiry date_edited.png


  • Payment Method: Credit Card

  • Click on Pay & Confirm 

  • You will be redirected to the confirmation page where a meeting link for your appointment is provided.

appointment scheduled png.jpeg

Check if you receive our confirmation email 

  • The email will consist of the date and time of your appointment slot.

reminder email 1.png

Reminder email (1 hour before appointment)

  • The email will provide you with a ZOOM meeting link to be used for your appointment.

  • The email also reminds you of the necessary items to prepare before your appointment with us. 

reminder email 2.png

2. Before Appointment

  • Please ensure that the following items are prepared on standby before you join the tele-consultation via ZOOM link.

1.HSA-approved ART kits x2

2. identification card or passport

ART KIT SET_edited.jpg
ic blurred_edited.jpg

3. suitable set-up for clear view

  • Place your device (laptop or phone) at a suitable distance to ensure that you and your surrounding can be seen clearly.

  • Position your device such that the ART kits and yourself are always in full view of the camera.

3. During the Appointment

  • Click on the Zoom meeting link sent to your email during your scheduled appointment time. 

  • Ensure that your microphone, speaker and camera are working before joining the consultation.

  • Verify your identity by showing your NRIC/Passport and your ART kits to the trained swab supervisor. 

  • You will be conducting your swab test under the supervision of our swab supervisor.

  • After 20 minutes, show your ART kit to the camera and wait for our swab supervisor to verify the test results. 

  • Once you receive approval from our swab supervisor, you may leave the session.

  • You can type in the chat or unmute yourself if you have any queries. 

4. FOllow ups

If you are Negative:

  • Please wait shortly after your session before checking your email. You should receive an email containing your e-memo documents. 

  • You will also receive an update of your TraceTogether status that you are approved to travel.

If you are positive:

  • Your Covid-19 status on TraceTogether will be updated as positive. 

  • Our swab supervisor will advise you on the necessary MOH protocol to follow once tested positive.